Day 08: Graffiti


Urban parchment

Give me your silence, turn your back on me,
I will take over the urban parchment paper,
Maybe turn my urge and anger to poetry,
Or an image capable to exchange indifference,
For awareness of human degradation,
Give them a dilemma, a chance, an opportunity
To Reflect on what we ignore and contemplate
What seems to dissolve inside an «I don´t care».

Here are a few of the graffiti I found on the walls of the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

I think that graffiti is a expression platform for a visual artist, it can bring a message, in form of words or images, witch always have a meaning, personal or universal.

Today prompt

Graffiti: art, or vandalism? It sometimes seems every flat surface is someone’s canvas. Trains with spray-painted carriages trundle past graffiti-adorned buildings and rattle through illustrated tunnels.

Are you, like me, often inspired by the creativity and audacity of the artist? Or are you outraged by a perceived assault on public decency? Is graffiti a valid means of self-expression for those without a voice, or just the random scribbling of people with nothing better to do? For today’s poem, reflect on what graffiti means to you. Tell the story of a particularly memorable wall. Quote a powerful example of graffiti you’d seen (and feel free to share an image, if you’d like). Or write the poem as if it were itself splashed, for all to see, against the largest wall in town.


I don´t really write a lot in English, but fortunately I´m having a great time doing these writing prompts.  Dear, reader if you notice any grammar errors, please let me know. Thanks :)