[Coronadiaries] Foreign student (Courtney)

Dear diary,

I just Facetimed Tristan, I already feel that I might be missing him if I leave. People started panicking, I saw them rushing in and out the supermarkets when Tristan was taking me back home. We were having lunch when I received a text from Allison telling me about the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in LA.

My family texted me from Phoenix, they told me to go back, but I just made groceries for the week and I just can’t throw it all away. Also, in two days, Tristan and I are going to be eleven months since we’ve been going out. My teachers are already talking about online classes… bullshit. Allison is leaving tomorrow, I might be sending some stuff to my parents with her.

They haven’t suspended anything at the café. The good thing is that I have some savings, well, some of it is for Tristan’s present. I might invite him to stay a few days to keep me company, I hope his parents don’t mind. I already have everything planned: once he takes me out to eat, I’ll have a few things ready at home. I bought some cute lingerie, wine and some perfumes, that damn virus ain’t ruining my plans.