[Coronadiaries] Tutorials and courses (Lucas #2)

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Dear diary,

Things are not looking good. Yesterday I went out for a random hookup, had sex and came back home. When I arrived, I found Kalie practicing some makeup tutorials on Blake. I hate to say it but they looked so God damn cute. I felt bad of thinking about leaving the house, the relationship.

«Lucas, we’re supposed to stay indoors!», shouted Kalie. She was right, I lifted some groceries that I grabbed on my way home and said I had to pick up some stuff from the supermarket.

«What did you bring?», Blake asked, his eyes were closed, he had a bright purple color with glitter all over his eye lid. If it weren’t for that, he would be giving me the same menacing look Kalie was.

«Eh, just some stuff I need for to survive», I smiled, hoping they wouldn’t notice anything strange.

Kalie just kept staring at me.

«Did you bring us anything?», she then changed that dead serious face into a smile, I hate when she does that, she can scare the shit out of Blake and I.

«Not really…», I took a step forward.

«Kalie, are you almost done, sweetie?», said Blake, with his eyes still closed.

«Eh, not really, babe», she looked at me and moved her hand giving me a signal to get closer. I did.

«How does he look, hun?», she wrapped her arms around my hips. She’s a total sweetheart. Blake looked amazing, with that heavy makeup and his beard, his big lips and that awesome and shiny brown hair.

«I just fell in love with him again», I smiled and the two of them laughed. Blake opened his eyes and looked at me. Seeing them there, made me think. I couldn’t believe I was in a relationship with two of the most gorgeous people I knew.

«Lucky, let me just finish up with Blake and then it’s your turn», she smiled at me. Ugh, Kalie’s eyes, Blake’s eyes. What did I just do? Do I really want to leave?

Later that night, after watching Van Helsing, the three of us were cuddling and we almost had sex. We didn’t. I cried like a baby, they both got pretty scared, but they just hugged me until I stopped crying. I had to make up something: I said I was going to miss my family and that I felt overwhelmed about the pandemic thing; but it wasn’t that, I just felt awfully bad for what I did that afternoon.

They’re still asleep. I should find a tutorial on how to face my fears or a course on how to figure out what the fuck I want.



[Coronadiaries] Are we spending our monthiversary together? (Courtney #2)

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Dear diary,

Should I feel any guilt if Tristan drops by? I mean this whole quarantine thing is kinda scary but…

I better call him.

He’s concerned, his grandparents live with him. I should’ve told him to stay home, was it selfish from my part for telling him to come tomorrow night? I mean what’s the worse that can happen? Oh, yeah, I know. But I shouldn’t think about that.

The wine is ready, I sent some pics to Allison with the sexy clothes I bought, but I didn’t teller her that I was going to meet with Tristan. I’m gonna slay my outfit, Allison’s opinion wasn’t of much help. She was distracted. She said that things to look that chaotic over there in Phoenix.

I have the gifts ready: I bought those white Adidas shoes that have a platforms, Tristan wanted a pair. I also added a leather jacket. OMG, I want him to see it! He is going to look super hot.

I wonder what he got me?



[Coronadiaries] I don't want to be here (Lucas)

Dear diary,

I thought that maybe telling Blake and Kalie about me wanting out of the relationship would be easier now with the pandemic going on. It wasn’t, I should’ve gone sooner. I won’t have any time to get back home, today Trump announced that he would also close the border with Canada and Mexico. Returning to Mexico was my escape plan. I mean, I don’t feel comfortable anymore. But I just can’t leave, where would I stay? At least I have a roof over my head here. But I just can’t imagine how it’s going to be if I stay locked up with them for a whole month. I don’t know, what can I do…? I might just download Tinder or Grindr and search some to crash with. Ugh, that’s stupid, right?

Blake is snoring again. I hope everything turns out OK.



[Coronadiaries] Foreign student (Courtney)

Dear diary,

I just Facetimed Tristan, I already feel that I might be missing him if I leave. People started panicking, I saw them rushing in and out the supermarkets when Tristan was taking me back home. We were having lunch when I received a text from Allison telling me about the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in LA.

My family texted me from Phoenix, they told me to go back, but I just made groceries for the week and I just can’t throw it all away. Also, in two days, Tristan and I are going to be eleven months since we’ve been going out. My teachers are already talking about online classes… bullshit. Allison is leaving tomorrow, I might be sending some stuff to my parents with her.

They haven’t suspended anything at the café. The good thing is that I have some savings, well, some of it is for Tristan’s present. I might invite him to stay a few days to keep me company, I hope his parents don’t mind. I already have everything planned: once he takes me out to eat, I’ll have a few things ready at home. I bought some cute lingerie, wine and some perfumes, that damn virus ain’t ruining my plans.