Blame Society

Blame society for being a herd,
for unconsciously imposing ways
of living that we barely understood.

Blame it, them or us,
for giving that gaze and
those words of disgust.

Blame my mother and father
for not raising their voice,
making me believe that I had no choice.

Blame me for accepting that «truth»,
for walking strange footsteps,
giving up my dreams and youth.

Let us all accept that we can be blamed
and reflect on those prejudgments
that catch a hoping fire and fade in the flames

Maybe then we might learn,
that hatred and words leave scars.
In a whisper we cry upon shooting stars.

So I stand for those generations to come,
hoping one day we respect one another,
looking upon how much we’ve accomplished and done.

I wrote this because I want to make a statement of how some basic elements such as clothes, can divide people. This week I wore a skirt, I treated it the same way I would treat any other piece of clothes. It belongs to my mother, she personally gave it to me. Her first reaction when I asked her to give me a skirt to wear was «No! you’re crazy, why would you wear it?». Once I told her that I can ride my bike through Hermosillo (city of a northern Mexican state) in the middle of the night and that I would feel normal, not having to worry about being raped, even though it is also possible, she understood where my actions were going to and she even gave me another one. I told her that I wanted to use it and will be using it constantly to try to bring personal awareness of how women have to struggle through harassment. I’ll be posting about how it felt, but in general I believe that this can be taken all the way to areas like sexual orientation and nationalism, because we grow up believing in a certain type of speech «YOU ARE A MAN, AND MEN DO THIS» «YOU ARE MEXICAN AND WE BELIEVE IN THIS». It’s time to doubt and question ourselves about what they made us believe as true and start searching for equality and respect for others.


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I believe that clothes shouldn’t have gender…

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Oscar Mares

Estudiante de literaturas hispánicas en la Universidad de Sonora. A ratos es maestro de inglés. Fan de Instagram y a la búsqueda constante de su verdadero yo.

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