Day 05: Freedom


What is freedom?

 Freedom is being able to walk away without fear,

To release me of predetermined thoughts,

No to cause destruction, just a path without tears.

Freedom is being able to climb a mountain,

To be on the top of the world and see,

Watch brothers and sisters make a wish on a fountain with me.

Freedom is being able to think that I´m free,

To do what feels wright, what is wright,

Free to create a bond with nature to be.

Free to enjoy all feelings without regret,

Happiness, anger, bad and good,

To be humble for humanity I´ll never forget.

I will be free when my actions don´t need to injure or cause destruction,

where no religion rules, where there is no light nor darkness,

The place where there is no force or element that creates life of retention.

Today prompt

Freedom is a fundamental need. It is so powerful that nations go to war for it. People engage in both despicable and heroic deeds to gain it. In the name of freedom we suffer, make sacrifices, and attempt to perform miracles. For freedom we are willing to lose everything and risk our lives, since no life really is one without freedom.

What freedom means is open to interpretation, which is why it’s been a recurring subject in art. In today’s poem, share your take on freedom. While you’re at it, be fearless with your thoughts. Don’t hold back. Unleash your emotions and be honest with yourself. Uncensored writing coming from the heart often produces the most amazing read.

I consider myself a free person, but that´s not true, I still struggle with a few things that involve initiative on boosting or starting projects, or do stuff I give up on for the typical «what will they think» «what if…». But I don´t torture myself, I try everyday to be better than yesterday, and that involves, to be even more free than I was before.

I don´t really write a lot in English, but fortunately I´m having a great time doing these writing prompts.  Dear, reader if you notice any grammar errors, please let me know. Thanks 🙂

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Oscar Mares

Estudiante de literaturas hispánicas en la Universidad de Sonora. A ratos es maestro de inglés. Fan de Instagram y a la búsqueda constante de su verdadero yo.

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