Day 01: Magic

So I’m really behind schedule in writing the poem prompts.  Today’s prompt says:

You can write about something you did that made you feel young again, or maybe about that difficult undertaking you finally completed. (I, for example, mastered French lemon meringue pie; as we say here, “it wasn’t cake.”) You might also take inspiration from a dream that came true, or from a difficult situation resolved in a fairytale-like ending. Of course, everyday magic (or even failed magic) works too!

Giving roses

So there’s this kid to shy to love,

he usually prays for help from above.

He says he likes this girl from his class,

talks and thinks about her ¿just like the mass?

Doesn’t matter anymore to recreate what’s been done,

he will give her roses because maybe, just maybe… she’s the one.


Magic is to start doing what you want to really do but your afraid to do, it’s wonderful to enjoy the nerves, the smiles, the fear and the joy of the moment you try or do something new.


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Oscar Mares

Estudiante de literaturas hispánicas en la Universidad de Sonora. A ratos es maestro de inglés. Fan de Instagram y a la búsqueda constante de su verdadero yo.

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